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yahoo news… the best kind of news.

hey there friends and neighbors!

ok. so. i just got back from a long friggin vacation in ocean city, maryland. for those of you unfamiliar with ocean city, it’s basically a public toilet with some sand, a few shitting seagulls, and a whole lotta rednecks. if you haven’t been, i do suggest trying it out. though, in my opinion, going more than once in your life is overkill….so of course my family has to go every year.

while it was actually pretty restful and relaxing, i was super glad to be back… until i got to work. and then i remembered why i needed to go away in the first place. you just can’t win i guess.

 anywho i’m glad to be getting back to the blog which suffered a week-long vacation too, only JUST after it had started. my bad! 

but ok. onto an exciting new topic! 

instead of freaking out like everyone else on planet earth about casey anthony, the mother who killed her daughter (…and let’s be serious… she obviously did it. the only other thing i really want to find out now is what kind of crack the jurors were smoking…) i’ve decided to instead focus my attention on a topic that doesn’t in any way have to do with chloroform and duct tape.

i want to comment instead on two pieces of news that yahoo decided to post on their homepage today. one of the stories because i was so thrilled about it and the other because i can’t seem to figure why it is anyone’s business. 

the first story: a pennsylvania restaurant puts a ban on children under the age of 6. 

when i saw the headline, i figured it was too good to be true and that yahoo had perhaps crafted some clever title to get tommy’s attention only to subsequently let him down. but when i opened it up to read, i was pleasantly surprised.

it seems awesome to me and i just had to say something about it, due to my general dislike for children… under, including, and beyond the age of 6. i mean, let’s face it: while its probably not the most clever business move ever, i would so eat at this place. a restaurant free of children is where i want to be. i cannot tell you how many times i get stuck at a table next to screaming, kicking, crying children and i want to turn around and scream back at them, seeing how they like it. now if we could just get most other restaurants, as well as theatrical performances, to observe a similar ban, my world would be a better place. 

the second story: michelle obama eats a 1700 calorie lunch. 

um… who the hell cares?

like i get it, michelle is an advocate for childrens health and going to a burger joint for a lunch that most likely exceeds her suggested daily caloric intake may not be the smartest move. but seriously, get the hell out of her life! lol that is so disgustingly nosey, in my opinion, and i frankly wonder why there arent more important things to report about.

like, maybe the first lady was just having a bad day or something! …..or maybe she eats like a total pig every day (though probably not, based on her appearance)…. the point is, it’s nobody’s business but hers! what she does regarding childrens health is really important and helpful regardless and i think it’s simply moronic to spy on her and criticize her for being human. friggin yahoo.

michelle, honey, next time order in or make someone from the white house staff go get it for you.

so thats about all for today. time for rehearsal… for this musical. 

talk at you later, creepers.


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