The Daily Tramble

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my (third) first post ever!

hello america.

by “america” i am, of course, referring to the three or less people who will ever┬áread this to completion.

ok, basically i wanted to push the figurative restart button on my blog… and update more than an approximate two times a year… so this is it. seriously, people. if i can’t do it after this attempt, may the tumblr gods banish me from their land forever.

anyway, the name of this new sassybitchfest is “the daily tramble”. ok, before you get your britches in a twist, i want you to be aware that i know tramble is not really a word. so don’t try and get cute with me. you’d receive a subsequent slap across the face, and while you’d probably enjoy it, you pervert, i tend to find that kind of behavior a bit┬átasteless… no matter how necessary. but yes, if you wish to see a working definition, look up and to the right. and if you don’t agree with this definition, then i guess i’ll just have to bite you.

i suppose i just wanted a cute tranny mess of a name like so many others on tumblr. i mean, everything with “sassy” is already taken and “the blog where tommy complains all day about stupid shit he witnesses and occasionally posts/comments on humorous .gif images” seemed a bit convoluted. so this is it. this is the name. deal with it, ugly.

alright. i will be posting my first actual topic soon, once i find something appropriate enough to bitch about. so you can stop creeping on my blog now. for reals, if you’ve made it this far you obviously a. are completely in love with me, or b. say you hate me but are actually completely in love with me. so, gross. go away… just kidding. but not. but yes. but never. but actually.